The chairs of Computer Science in Architecture and Computational Architecture at the Bauhaus-University Weimar have developed a few Grasshopper snippets for the course Computational Urban Analysis. To make them accessible to a wider audience, we share them on this blogpost. There are additional scripts provided in the Parametric Planning Catalogue ::

Divide by Area

Implementation of Sumit Kheterapal’s equal plot division algorithm with improvments in choosing preferred direction of divisions and setting of individual areas.

Area Blobs

Regions grow in circular, squared or rhombus-like directions until they reach their demanded area. This component makes use of Alpha Shape by Mateusz Zwierzycki which is part of Milkbox.

Automatic Pipe Dimensioning

EPANET hydrology analysis combined with Anemone by Mateusz Zwierzycki  to automatically dimension pipes.

Visual Distance

Calculate a smallest number of turns neccesary to reach any area from a set of given start points. This snippet makes use of SpiderWeb 4.2 by Richard Schaffranek.

Easy Plots

Curves drawn on a layer are directly segmented. Closed segments are turned into areas with an offset and coloured according to their size.

Distance to all buildings

The distance from each building to all other building is calculated. Grayscale colours show which ones have the shortest and longest ways. Furtheron the streets are coloured by their Betweenness Centrality.

Path by Steepness

A path is calculated by the steepness of the terrain. The angle can be adjusted to get flat or steep paths. This snippet makes use of SpiderWeb by Richard Schaffranek.

Weighted boundary

A boundary is created around a point with a given area. The influence of terrain and road can be weighte and lead to different results. This component makes use of Alpha Shape by Mateusz Zwierzycki which is part of Milkbox. The script is inspired by work of Ondřej Veselý.

Includes further on a definition to expand streets by weight.

Fill polygons by area

An adapted version of the weighted boundary script, which adds two more boundaries to the Grasshopper definition and keeps all of them inside of given polygon shapes.

Kangaroo bubble diagram

Bubbles with given area can be repositioned and keep each other out of bounds. This component makes use of Kanagaroo Physics by Daniel Piker.


A script which redistributes quantities to other points by given percentage.

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